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Perforated Cable Trays
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We specialize in the production of perforated cable trays which is a protected, accessible and organized system of managing industrial wires. Our high load bearing perforated cable trays can be hung with the help of a centre rod, two hanger trapeze configuration, C-hanger and these can be mounted...
Group: Chutes for cables
Electronic Connectors
In stock 
We offer wide range of electronic connectors that meet client's specifications. These electronic connectors are widely used to fulfill the purpose of joining circuits either on temporary or permanent basis. Our range of electronic connectors can efficiently resist pressure, vibration and oil....
Group: Plug connectors for electronics
Networking Connectors
In stock 
We offers wide range of computer networking connectors that are widely used in it industries, corporates, offices. Our networking connectors are manufacturing by a quality & certified manufacturers & distributors through us.
Group: Industrial Sockets
Telecom Connectors
In stock 
These telecom connectors are widely used on every day today life of each and every individual and the vear and tare is huge products such as telecom outlet boxes, ringers, spiral cards, telephone cards, couplers, connectors, etc. We distribute these telecom connectors to all hotels, corporates,...
Group: Joints for cables
Electrical Cables
In stock 
We supply wide range of electrical cables and electronic cables both indoor and outdoor shielded and unshielded foiled cables as per customer requirement. We also supply communication cables and signaling cables as per customer reqiurements.
Group: Wires and cables, insulated
Telecom Fiber Wires
In stock 
We offer wide range of telecom wires we manufacturing by a quality and certified manufacturers. Our telecom wires ranges from indoor cable and outdoor cable both copper and fiber.
Group: Telephone wires
Telecommunication Distribution Boxes
In stock 
Our precision engineered product range also comprises of technically superior telecommunication distribution boxes that are ideal for corrosive environments. Widely used in chemical, food etc. industries, these telecommunication distribution boxes are polished with scotch barite (AST) type...
Group: cable telephone Box
Industrial Cable Organizers
In stock 
We offer a wide range of cable organizers and ties in different colour and sizes and we also offer ferrolues and welkno ties cable marker binders and organizers used for wide range of cable stressing. Comprehensive range of precision engineered cable connectors that are widely used to connect...
Group: Steel framework for cables
Stainless Steel Surface Trunking
In stock 
We manufacture a wide range of ceiling as well as floor raceways in chequer plate variations, flush floor outlet, underfloor and standard wireway with dividers to separate cables. Widely use in IT industry for organizing networking cables these high quality surface trunkings can be manufactured...
Group: Overhead cable rack
Wire Manager Bracket Hinges
In stock 
We manufacture wire manager bracket hinges that are widely used to protect, route and organize cables. Our dual sided bracket hinges have a cover which can be opened like a door. These bracket hinges are equipped with feed-through holes for the movement of cables back to front and vice versa. Our...
Group: Channels cable perforated
Ladder Type Cable Trays
In stock 
We manufacture qualitative ladder type cable trays that are widely used in various industries for severe duty power distribution. These ladder type cable trays comprises of two longitudinal side rails connected by individual transverse members called rungs. Our low weight and high capacity ladder...
Group: Chutes for cables
Telecom Cables
In stock 
We offer telecom cables that can be designed and engineered as per the specific application requirements of clients. These telecom cables can be suspended from posts with the help of fixtures. Our wide range includes optical fibre cables and polythene insulated jelly filled cables. We also...
Group: Telephone cables


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